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Massage Therapy


You’re in good hands with Emmanuelle as your Registered Massage Therapist. In BC, RMTs are health professionals regulated by the College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia. Emmanuelle has undergone rigorous formal training in order to provide you with effective treatment. This training includes post-secondary education in health sciences and in clinical applications of massage therapy, as well as successful completion of a multi-component registration exam administered by CMTBC. 
Massage Therapy can help improve many dysfunctions, from acute injury rehabilitation to prevention and maintenance of general overall health. While individual programs can vary, a program may include specialized hydrotherapy, core stabilization, and strengthening exercises. These programs are often progressive in nature, initially addressing the pain, discomfort, and inflammation associated with injuries. As treatment progresses, Emmanuelle will address the underlying cause and work to rehabilitate the patient. 
Research shows that massage therapy is effective in reducing fibrosis and contracture, improving circulation, reducing muscular spasm, controlling pain, improving respiratory function and affecting the emotions stored in the body.

Registered Massage Therapy: Our Clinic
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