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Testimonials: Testimonials

I came to Emmanuelle Dugas for acupressure sessions for my stress and headaches. I am a teacher and often bring home the stresses of the day.  As well, with being a new ‘empty nester’, I was feeling overwhelmed with anxiety, stress and even more headaches that what was my normal.
Emmanuelle took the time to listen to my issues, asked probing questions and discussed the options she would like to proceed with.  She was very calm, reassuring and professional. I was surprised on how I could relax
during the sessions.
I began to feel 100% improvement in my pain seconds after getting acupressure sessions. My headaches were no longer present.  I love Emmanuelle’s work on my body and the healing it ALWAYS does for me. The sessions opens me and relieves tension, pressure and pain, allowing me to feel lighter and more comfortable throughout the day.
Emmanuelle is warm, friendly and empathic, immediately putting the client at ease. The holistic nature of her sessions allows her to help almost any ailment. I would highly recommend her!

Shelley M

I didn’t know a lot about acupressure until I was fortunate enough to be asked by Emmanuelle to be part of her practicum study. I am now a big believer. I could immediately feel the tension being released as Emmanuelle applied pressure to various points. The relief was immediate and long lasting. 

Emmanuelle is warm, friendly and empathic. She has a gentle and calming manner that immediately puts you at ease. I always left my sessions, which were on Fridays after a long stressful work week, feeling relaxed, pain free and renewed. I encourage others to find out for yourself how effective this is.

Shannon D

I was excited when I was asked to attend sessions with Emmanuelle Dugas.  I was elated to help Emmanuelle on her new venture but a little skeptical.  I wanted to try acupressure because I had tried so many other things and nothing helped my headaches I endured daily.  From the moment I laid on the bed and Emmanuelle put her hands on me, I noticed a difference.  She has the most incredible, soothing, warm hands!  She is a highly educated instructor that spoke to me about what she was doing and why. I began to feel significant improvements in my headaches after my first session.  Furthermore, Emmanuelle offered techniques on how to manage headaches myself. I cannot say enough amazing things about Emmanuelle, her professionalism and her ability to heal.

Rita C

I went to Emmanuelle for issues related to stress and digestive/GI issues that had been bothering me for a long time. Through her sessions, my body relaxed and released tension that was working against me. I came into Balance, my stress level began to decrease as I was able to release the stress I had been holding at a cellular level for a very long time without realizing it. Emmanuelle’s knowledge of how the body works in addition to her caring and intuitive soul work together beautifully to bring the body to a place of peace and homeostasis. 

Sandy L

Emmanuelle creates such a warm and comfortable environment! I have suffered from headaches my whole life and after the acupressure my headaches stopped and I noticed a lot less tension in my neck and shoulders. Also, I noticed an improvement in my overall mood and stress levels. I felt much more grounded for weeks after. She is amazing and I highly recommend booking an appointment.

Morgan F

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